You can always upgrade yourself, starting with the cheek

Having cheeks augmented is the cosmetic surgery procedure that will emphasize the cheeks of a person. The implants made from a solid but soft material will be placed on top of a cheekbone. If implants are not the choice of the patient, his or her own fat can be used or soft dermal fillers such as like Juvederm or Restylane may be used. If you areĀ looking for an great cheek filler result by melbourne, rest assured as Skin Club is probably your best choice.

Those interested in undergoing cheek augmentation have two options-fat grafting also known as fat transfer, and implants. Patients who opt for fat grafting see a noticeable difference in the general shape of their face. Fat is harvested from the patient’s own body and injected to add the required mass for smooth and supple cheeks. The only drawback of this procedure is that the results are not always permanent. The fat may be absorbed by the body. However one can see long-lasting results if the treatment is carried out successfully by the plastic surgeon with utmost care and attention.

The implants that can be used to augment the cheek can be made from different materials but typically it is made up of a solid silicone. There are also porous but with density materials such as the polyethylene or 0 the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. They are inert in nature and integrate very well with the other tissues underneath the skin as well as the cheekbone. The only problem with using them is that they are harder to remove than the regular silicone implants as they are already integrated and have grown within the tissues. The implants also come in three (3) common shapes which can either be submalar, malar or the combination of both. The submalar implants are not really for augmenting the cheekbones but primarily to help people with a sunken face. It is placed in the midface to take away the gaunt look in a person. Then, the next one is called the malar shape wherein it is placed directly on the cheekbones to give it a higher look for a better projection and definition. Then the last one is the combined characteristics of the malar and submalar wherein it allows the cheekbones and the midface to be augmented for a rounder look of it.