Uses of Sterile Surgical Gloves

Whenever you come across the doctors or nurses in the ER or see the paramedic team rushing to an emergency, you can see that they all were gloves. Not only them we also wear gloves. Whenever we are dealing with dirt or anything nasty we wear them. Why do we wear gloves? It’s not because they make our hands look pretty or they provide some sort of comfort. It’s because they make the work we do much safer. Doctors often use these gloves on examining patients and performing treatments. They are used when in contact with wounds or body fluid. They effectively prevent the contact between the hand and such uncomfortable surfaces.

Surgical gloves and black tattoo gloves are made up of natural rubber latex, synthetic nitrile etc. These gloves provide a barrier between the surface of contact and your body in order to prevent the contamination caused by using bare hands and avoid the spreading of contact infections. Sterile gloves can often be the first defense in preventing the spread of any germs or infectious diseases. Sterile gloves are used mainly in surgery and in emergency care where the patients often come with open wounds and other diseases. The gloves can prevent Infection in the wounds when the medical personnel is tending it. It can prevent contamination of sterile objects and bodily fluids or tissue. Gloves are made up of different materials. Since most these materials caused skin irritation and allergies, the most effective material used in making gloves is Nitrile, a synthetic material that is light, durable and causes little to no allergies. These gloves are mostly used by surgeons as they are very much sterile. They are made under strict regulations to keep it so. Gloves mainly used to come in two ways powdered and non-powdered. The gloves were powdered with cornstarch in order to lubricate them. This was eventually banned since even corn starch can cause certain side effects on the tissue.

Gloves are important in performing medical procedures mainly to avoid direct contact with the surface you are working on. In surgery using a sterile glove can limit the chances of infection both to the patient and surgeons. They can prevent the cross-contamination and effectively act as a barrier to the transmission of any diseases. Since they can also provide a protection against surgical cuts and needle pricks surgeons offer use two gloves for surgery. In treating patients with contractile diseases such as HIV or any other contagion that can be deadly gloves are proven effective to a limit. It is one of the best ways in preventive care along with face masks that can prevent spreading of diseases. It is always required to keep a sterile environment when working in surgery. This can prevent infection. Since a surgeon’s tool is his hand, it should be sterile and well protected. The use of sterile gloves ensures this. Since certain gloves ensure better grip of surgical equipment, such sterile gloves are mostly preferred in surgery.