How often should you visit a dentist?

The question of how often one should visit a dentist has been a subject of discussion by many medics and scholars in the recent past. Different schools of thoughts have come up with different views and estimations of time on the frequency an average person should see a dentist. However, it is important to note that the question of the frequencies to a dentist is subjective to many factors, which include the following.

First, the question of the frequency of visits should be determined if the person has gum conditions or not. According to a 2010 survey on the gum condition of the first world-adults indicated that more than 40% have either mild or serious gum disease. If this is the case, therefore, one should have at least a visit to the dentist every three months depending on the individual condition. Second, if the person is prone to infections especially affecting gum, they should make dentist appointments a priority in every four months. Third, expectant mothers, due to the nature of their hormonal balance should at least make appoints as frequent as possible. Fourth, people with other medical conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes are likely to suffer from different gum ailment and therefore should be check regularly preferably one month.

Apart from the special cases mentioned above, how often should an average person make visits for an oral checkup?

For one to reach to a conclusive routine on how often to get the oral checkup, one must consider a few vital aspects of dental health. As a person in 21 century, Dental Prophylaxis is important. In a nonprofessional’s language, the medical term means cleaning of teeth. It is a proven fact that the normal tooth brushing is not effective since some parts are unreachable. This raises the question of how often one can stay without Dental Prophylaxis and not develop any dental condition.

Another crucial angle to approach this question is to consider the fact that some dental condition may stay for long without having notable signs. In this case, therefore, only a dentist can identify any worrying aspect on general dental condition and if any, recommend treatment. This over the years has helped many people from developing major dental conditions.

Additional aspect that can help the typical person to determine how often they should make a dental appointment is just like other parts of the human body, a good oral condition is important. Humans are social beings and often make the first impression on how we smile or talk for the first time. This means, therefore, above all the mentioned motives of visiting a specialist; it is another element of grooming.

In summary, all different schools of thoughts agree that the minimum visits a typical person should be two per year. This is mainly because many conditions are treatable during this span of time. Another reason for this professional recommendation is the fact as much as one might be having a good oral history; regular checkups help to identify any oral danger. Some of the dangers include excessive smoking, diet complications.