Helichrysum Essential Oil – An Anti-Ageing Super Power & Therapeutic Powerhouse!

In addition to helping us maintain our overall health and feel good on the inside, essential oils also have the ability to ‘turn back the clock’ on our appearance by supporting the health and rejuvenation of our skin so we can look more healthy and youthful on the outside.

While there are several oils that have anti-ageing properties, one oil, in particular, is regarded as an anti-ageing ‘Super Power, ‘ and that is Helichrysum, a member of the daisy family.

Your best defense against lines and wrinkles?

As we age, our bodies experience cellular breakdown and steadily stop producing the required amount of collagen and antioxidant enzymes that we need to maintain youthful skin structure and elasticity. This is when lines and wrinkles start to appear on our face, neck, and hands.

Fortunately, by having access to therapeutically potent essential oils like Helichrysum (and also Copaiba, which is another powerful healing oil for the skin – see http://copaibaoil.net), we are empowered with an effective, all natural, plant-based anti-ageing solution.

Where does Helichrysum come from?

The most potent Helichrysum oil is sourced from the Helichrysum blossoms found on the island of Corsica – a mountainous Mediterranean island (and French Territory) 250km south-east of Nice. Due to the large amount of blossoms required to steam distill and produce the oil (which are hand-picked), and also the insatiable demand for its potent therapeutic properties, Helichrysum is very much a premium oil. In fact, some producers charge more than $1 per drop!

So what makes Helichrysum so powerful?

Helichrysum is a highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oil with beneficial constituents (Neryl acetate, Italidione, y-curcumene, and l-limonene) that not only help to stop cell breakdown in its tracks, but also aid significantly in cell repair and restoration.

Because of this natural Super Power, Helichrysum essential oil is often referred to as, ‘The Everlasting Flower’, or youth-in-a-bottle. However, anti-ageing is just the beginning. There are many more health benefits to using this most precious, giving oil.

What are the key therapeutic benefits?

– Reduced appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and scar tissue when applied topically.
– Pain relief and reduced inflammation when applied topically to areas of discomfort.
– Soothing relief for psoriasis, especially when combined with lavender essential oil.
– Helps to diminish and repair varicose veins and spider veins when used in conjunction with cypress oil.
– Can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and earache when applied topically behind the ears.
– Calm a cough and ease congestion by combining with lemon, and sandalwood oils and applying to the throat and chest.
– Promotes emotional calm and balance when used aromatically and also topically.

As you can see by the many benefits outlined above, Helichrysum oil is a therapeutic powerhouse with a versatility of applications that is unmatched by any other oil, even Frankincense. In fact, the only aromatic oil that even comes close to it is Copaiba oil from the jungle forests of the Brazilian Amazon (learn more at CopaibaOil.net).

While there is currently a lot of excitement globally around the beneficial uses of essential oils, it’s important to understand that continued testing needs to be done to learn more about their efficacy and safe use. Fortunately, we are learning at an ever-quickening pace as demand for essential oils and education for how to use them safely and effectively is driving significant money and resources into scientific research and medical testing. This can only be a good thing.

Personally, I see a future moving toward us where plant-based medicines will massively disrupt the current medical establishment (which is so heavily influenced by ‘Big Pharma’), and they will finally play a larger and more meaningful part in main-stream health care. After all, we have evolved alongside the plant world and so it only makes sense that potent, yet gentle plant-based medicines, such as essential oils and also herbal remedies would be a natural fit in serving us medicinally, in contrast to the all too often severe side-effects that come with the use of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

The times they are a changing and considering the groundswell of support that is growing for natural health care solutions, the future has never looked brighter.