The Top 3 Best Ways To Last Longer In Bed QUICK!

What Is Enlast Cream?

Quick! I Need To Last Longer In Bed Naturally! What’s The Best Way?

When you’re twenty-seven years old, you’re expected to perform in bed with no problems. However, most men my age have experienced “penis problems” at some point, and I’m no exception.

I’ve never had any issue with erectile dysfunction. Getting it up has never been the problem!

In recent years though, I found myself getting too excited.
I noticed more and more that I was climaxing before she did, then often had a hard time continuing until she finished.

A few Google searches told me that this was a very common problem, so I started looking into PE treatments and solutions.
I found out there were numerous ways to prevent this – pills, sprays, even different kinds of lube.

I tried them all, found out what really works, and what doesn’t, and now I can outlast any partner, any time!

So I figured I’d help out other dudes like me from getting ripped off, or using some b.s. product that doesn’t work and just makes you look like an idiot.

What is the deal with PREMATURE EJACULATION?

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The science: Premature ejaculation is a common sexual obstacle that causes a man to ejaculate sooner than intended.

It’s very normal if it is only happening infrequently.
Studies show one out of every three men have experienced this issue at one point in their life. However, there are many fine men out there, young and old, that find this to be a regular occurrence.

It can be embarrassing, leaving the “victim” feeling frustrated, perhaps enough so to avoid sexual intimacy all together.

Never fear, fellow PE lads!
There are treatments and solutions that can help that come in all different forms from pills to certain condoms.
The challenge is discovering the one that’s right for you and the ladies in your life that actually works!


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You have probably done some homework on – or at least heard of – premature ejaculation treatments before. The bottom line – Women want men who can last longer in bed.

The average man climaxes in about five to six minutes from the time you begin intercourse.
They last, on average, seventeen minutes. SEVENTEEN FREAKIN’ MINUTES!

Before my venture in to trying products used to reduce premature ejection, I struggled to keep up with the ladies in my life. I had no chance in hell. These products give me the upper hand.

Most of these products are in a pill form, or a spray that you put on your penis.

cure premature ejaculation

I wanted to help other dudes out like myself who had this issue and were looking for PE treatments, so I tried a couple of different products. Some worked great, and some not so much. And some where downright nasty.

So here’s what I found worked, and what didn’t.

I’ve rated them from my least favorite to the ones that work the best.


The idea with Promescent PE treatment is that you spray your penis 3 to 10 times with Promescent and rub it in thoroughly for a penis that stays erect without achieving orgasm before your partner. It really worked when I tried it. I was able to last all night long!

There are many downsides, however, like the fact that this product is unsafe for oral contact.

Let’s be honest, who really likes to have to stop and go thoroughly scrub their penis with soap and water before oral sex when they’re already all heated up and ready to go? Mood killer. 

The Promescent website also recommends washing your hands after use to reduce the chances of rubbing the spray on your partner or into either of your eyes and mouth, as it can cause skin irritation. In fact, it suggests you don’t let the spray touch anywhere on your body except for your hands and penis.

I also found that when the spray got on my sheets, I could still see traces of it even after I threw them in the washing machine. Gross.

On top of all the problems you could have while using this product, its retail price for a standard metered-dose bottle is almost $80!
Though it worked, the spray form wasn’t right for me for that price, but it has worked for some of my friends.

#2 Ejaculation by Command

Premature ejaculation is a very common and natural thing. I’m very certain that every man had experienced this more than once in our life as we get too excited sometime. But if it became too often, it becomes a problem. It can destroy your relationship and worse, your self-confidence. And it’s like a quicksand, the more you think about it and worry, the more you’ll become a victim.

As you see, premature ejaculation is a very natural thing. It is not caused by chemicals, medicine intake, sickness or other outside cause. It is all in the mind.

As I said earlier, we get too excited sometime. But if it’s always the case, it’s not a sickness or a disease that has to be cured by medicine or chemicals. You just have to improve your performance which can be done by natural approach. Makes sense, right? Natural problem should be fixed by natural approach.

And what’s more natural than resetting your mind in this important area of your life? Not only it will improve your sexual performance, it will also improve other aspects of your life and your relationship with other people, including men (Now I’m talking about self-confidence here.) Ejaculation by Command is an information product that shows you how to control your mind to improve your performance in bed. This Jedi approach is backed up by some physical and breathing exercises. When I say natural, I mean all natural.

And unlike products that you have to buy for a lifetime (because they make you become dependent on them), this is a one-time, short-time approach and a lifetime fix. You don’t have to continuously buy a product and include it on your monthly budget. You can even share this information for free if you want to your friends and love ones.

#1 Best Way To Last Longer In Bed Quick – ENLAST Premature Ejaculation Cream and Program 

I wanted to try a few different forms of cures for premature ejactulation, which is why I went for the common ones first. Pills and sprays are what most of the products are based on what I researched, but I found them to be so chemical that they had some side effects.

After that I decided to try something a little more natural. Though I not really into that hippy, organic health stuff normally, I figured, what the hell.

So I ordered Enlast, which is simply a different type of lube that is supposed to help reduce the chances of ejaculation prematurely. Though I was a skeptic, it turned out to be the best!

Not only did it feel like just another lube, which I put on anyway, I found that I could last way longer than anything else I’d tried before and that it was safe to use on bare skin or condoms.

There was no weird smell like the sprays or any kind of dizziness like the pills.
It’s just lube that helps you last longer in bed!

The ladies appreciate a little greasing up to make things slide a little easier, so most of us use a bit of lube anyway.

Even if you don’t have problems with PE, who doesn’t want to be able to go at it all night long?

Although I liked Enlast the best, there were a few things I didn’t like. Make sure you read this before trying out this premature ejackulation cream.

Click here to read my shocking Enlast Review! 

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